What’s Next for Digital Display

2018 Digital Marketing Trends: What’s Next for Digital Display

Where did all the cookies go? Since the mid 90’s, using cookies to target audiences has been a staple in online advertising. As you kick off your New Year’s resolutions, not only will your diet see fewer cookies, but so will your advertising. While the nature of cookies and how they’re used is changing, marketers will still be able to put your brand in front of the right audience – with more accuracy and better results than ever before. Besides snacking, what are cookies for? Cookies are small text files that are downloaded into your browser as you visit different websites. Cookies remember your preferences on websites, like what local news you read on or your city’s forecast on They also track when and where you saw an ad and whether you clicked on it. Cookies revolutionized digital display advertising by allowing advertisers to take advantage of online data to reach individuals based on location, dem…

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